Kristi Gibson and Bret Michaels married

Kristi Gibson may have finally won the mind rock & roll star. Recently,in an exclusive interview with People magazine, Bret Michaels told that there is a 50/50 change he is going to propose to long time girlfriend Kristi Gibson. These couple have been dating for the last 16 years. American singer, actor, director, screenwriter, producer Bret Michael told that,after my near-death experience, I was compelled to rethink various important things in his life".“Everyone has came with a fate in this world and i am no exception,” he says. “Optimistically we are getting engaged. But,unfortunately, if we don’t, we’ll still respect and love each other.”“We’ve discussed a lot about our engagement, and let's see see what happens"Bret Michales added. We would like to make sure we’re not doing it for anyone else rather than ourselves. But if we don't, we'll still love and respect each other."Bret Michael got very closer than ever before during his complicated recovery from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage this spring. Gibson is the mother of Bret's two daughters.

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