Have you seen how crazy nut job Spencer Pratt has been acting lately?? I would be scared too!!! We have all witnessed how volatile Spencer has been on past episodes of ‘The Hills’. They are worshipping crystals in the club wth? Spencer told Kristen that he does not allow Heidi to watch TV, get online, she just has to stay in the house and write poetry and read books.

So I wonder…is Heidi just crazy like Spencer or is she scared? Scared of what Spencer might do if she disagrees with him. Spencer is extremely controlling and seems to be his puppet. She will not do anything without his approval. She has completely been cut off from the world, changing her phone number. Pictures were recently posted of Spencer standing guard of their house with binoculars and a marine to ensure of no intruders. Now that is scary!

Also Heidi has scheduled her next plastic surgery…this is number 13. She is going to have her breasts done again to a H cup. ‘H for Heidi’. Spencer claims that he tells Heidi that she doesn’t need any more surgeries…but my God it’s too late Spencer. You have already created a monster. I have no doubt in my mind that he encouraged her to get plastic surgery in the beginning because he wanted his little ‘Barbie trophy wife’, and now she will never look good enough in her eyes. This is truly sad to me. Oh and when Heidi was featured on Ryan Seacrest show, and Ryan told Heidi (as a compliment) oh your boobs don’t even look that big, Heidi was shocked. Because in her crazy mind, Ryan had just solidified her own thoughts that her breasts were not big enough.

Heidi can’t even do some of the things she used to enjoy such as working out because of her large breasts and she can’t even do the things that are necessary like eat because of the work she has had done on her face. Even the woman with the world’s biggest boobs, Sheyla Hershey, says that Heidi should stop…now that’s saying something! She is a KKK-cup. Whoa that’s offensive. Haha!
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