Kim Kardashian boob alert!!!!

Kim Kardashian doing what she does best showing off her assets in a casual blue halter-style dress. That is one the fakest hugs I ever seen someone give. Either thats how they hug in LA. or she has a nasty disease!!!

After a rousing couple of days with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and both of their families, Kim Kardashian grabbed a little time for herself on Saturday.

The “Disaster Movie” starlet was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, California following an appointment at her favorite nail salon. And she looked beautiful in a casual blue halter-style dress with a pair of strappy sandals.

According to Kim’s Official Blog, she and her New Orleans Saints stud spent the Fourth of July holiday at Reggie’s mom’s house with the whole Kardashian and Bush bunch to boot.

And at one point, she writes, it became a contest to see who could throw whom into the pool. “Khloe and Reggie started it by throwing my mom in! Then Reggie threw Rob in and broke his cell phone! Then Reggie threw Khloe in! Then Khloe threw me in! She dropped me on the way to the pool but I still couldn’t escape not being thrown in!!!”
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