Kylie Minogue snubs Shahrukh Khan

The rumor mongers also are whispering that Kylie Minogue who is in town for shooting a song and music video for Alskay Kumar's upcoming movie Blue snubbed Shahrukh Khan only to be snubbed right back by him !!
While shooting in India for Blue with Akshay Kumar, Kylie laid down her conditions firm and strong. She made it clear in her contract that no one would be allowed to enter the studio while she was at work. SRK heard that one of Kylie’s favourite films was Om Shanti Om, so he had his office call her manager to set up an appointment! Kylie, however, refused to take out time especially for him and had her people tell his people that she could only meet him at the party that concluded the shoot. The party took place Friday night but apparently SRK never showed up. What Kylie doesn't know (and hopefully will never find out) is that hell hath no fury like SRK scorned! Source [Masala News]
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