A Baby Save angelina Life

Life and Sytle: A baby save Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie life.

Apparently when Angelina Jolie flew from LA to Miami, she ate a salad and an ice cream sundae, then watched Julie & Julia. Later she chatted up a fellow passenger and said: “I’m such a squishy mom. I really am just a squishy mom; I can’t wait to just be in bed hanging out with them.”

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This anecdote, along with old quotes about “further additions” to the family, creates a “story” with the headline, “A Baby For Brad And Angelina!” The spread is illustrated with a photo of Angie, with her arms up, cheering! Of course, she is at the Super Bowl.

But since Brad recently purchased a house, the mag screams, “THEY’RE MAKING ROOM FOR MORE CHILDREN!” Was it only two weeks ago that this same mag L&S’s sister mag declared “Yes, It’s Over!”? In any case, this article notes that since Angie has to film “steamy thriller” The Tourist, which includes sex scenes with Johnny Depp, she won’t be getting pregnant right now. She might adopt, though!

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Star Magazine claims in yet another story that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kissing and hugging at the Super Bowl was “all for show.” Body-language expert Toni Coleman says: “To me this feels contrived and exaggerated. You can tell these two are actors.”

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