Charlie Sheen: Thanksgiving with ex Denise Richards and daughters

Hollywood problem child Charlie Sheen had suffered a "wonderful" Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, with his ex-wife Denise Richards (39) and daughters Sam (6) and Lola (5). The controversial star had to be rushed to hospital after being in completely drunk and drugged at New York's Plaza 'hotel rampage in his Hotel room and caused a damage of about $ 7,000 recently.

Now the 45-year-old all the trouble but left behind and spent Thanksgiving - a holiday in the U.S. - with its charming ex, with whom he was married from 2002 to 2006 and their children. should "Charlie spent the afternoon with Denise and their two daughters with turkey dinner, it was to be together and it was Denise's idea that they all sit as a happy family all have a wonderful time: A source told the celebrity website 'PopEater'.. " By the way, sued the 'Two and a Half Men'-actor was because of the incident in the hotel of the 22-year-old porn actress Christina Walsh, however, Charlie fought back and filed a counter suit. Christina was in the incident, also in the hotel room when he is released. The star was hired as an escort and they also claimed they would try it since that night, to blackmail.

Allerdings war dieses Tema an dem Abend mit der Ex tabu, damit die Kinder einfach nur die Zeit mit ihrem Vater verbringen konnten, die sich übrigens zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch im Hotel befanden. Die Quelle fügte hinzu: "Es ist klar, dass die Nacht in New York noch lange nicht vergessen ist, aber zumindest für diesen Tag sollte das Thema bei Thangsgiving nicht über den Tisch gehen. Alles, was Denise für ihre Kinder nur wollte, ist, dass sie den Feiertag mit ihrem Vater verbringen." Genau so solls sein
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