Akshay's weekend with family! - bollywood news gossips

Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- Excuse moi while I answer this call on my kaaliberry. It's my chidiya from Chandigarh, claiming to have some dope on Akshay Kumar, who's shooting there for Joker.

Yeah, director Shirish Kunder's next movie in 3D, which also features Sonakshi Sinha. I'm told that Khiladi Kumar, who's going to be there for a couple of weeks more, was missing his son, Aarav, a lot. So he arranged for him and biwi Twinkle to fly down there, so he could spend some quality time with them.

Aur pata hai kya? The he took Aarav puttar for a marathon session of fun and games, the highlight being a round of paintball. Bas, aur kya?

Seems like the boy had a wonderful time indulging in the game with his daddy dearest... and they couldn't stop talking and laughing over it even when they got back to their hotel suite. Kewl!
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