Ameesha's most wanted! - bollywood news gossips

Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- She may not be doing too many movies, but she's still popular, remarks my parinda from Andheri's Lokhandwala Complex, as she drops in for a chat. Who are you talking about I wonder and she replies, Ameesha Patel. Matlab?

Meaning that the actor was specially invited for dinner by the French Ambassador, Jerome Bonnafont, at his official residence in New Delhi on Monday evening. Birdy further adds that Ameesha, who's an economics graduate from Tufts University, Massachusetts, US, was later overheard discussed worldly affairs at length with Mr Bonnafont and our own Shashi Tharoor.

Besides, of course, the pouty actor has already sent the mercury rising in the recent times, having lost excess pounds to look svelte and sexy. Going ga ga over Ameesha, my parinda claims to be eagerly awaiting to see her sizzle on screen soon. Really now! But then, such is life dearies.
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