Blonde waitresses with big boobs get the best tips

Waitresses who hope good service with a smile will get them bigger tips will be disappointed to learn that what they really need is ... blonde hair and big breasts. Men tend to be more generous to slender girls with large chests than their lesser-endowed colleagues.

‘Waitresses’ tips increased with breast size,’ said Dr Michael Lynn, who asked 374 waitresses their breast size, age, hair colour, attractiveness and hip-to-waist ratio – apparently without getting slapped.

Women who wore DD or larger cup size received a larger percentage of the total bill, he added. One theory is that a bigger bust may make women more confident in their own appearance and that this, in turn, makes them more outgoing with customers.

And, while it’s always been said that blondes have more fun, the study found tips also increased when waitresses had light hair. Cur­iously, slightly older women were given more money than their younger colleagues, showed the research by Cornell University in New York.

Those in their 30s and those with large breasts, blonde hair and slender bodies received larger average tips than colleagues without these characteristics, found Dr Lynn. And the dutiful professor of consumer behaviour and marketing has an – ever so slightly sleazy – explanation for this.

‘Perhaps the male restaurant customers were most attracted to the waitresses in their late teens and early 20s as expected,’ he said. But they tipped the waitresses in their 30s more because they thought they had ‘a better chance’ of picking them up, added Dr Lynn
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