Nelly Furtado: 'I have listened to Lata Mangeskar songs and I really like her songs' - bollywood news gossips

Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- Indian diva Lata Mangeshkar has an unlikely fan. Canadian singer Nelly Furtado says, "I have listened to Lata Mangeshkar and I really like her songs." Furtado, who released her greatest hits compilation, The Best of Nelly Furtado in November last year, has previously credited Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan among her music influences. The album, though critically acclaimed, has not lived up to the singer's previous work. But Furtado still remains unmoved by the lack of album sales. "My album has done well and I'm more than happy," she says.

Furtado first shot to fame in 2000 with her Grammy winning single 'I'm like a bird' from the album Whoa Nelly. In the next 10 years, she continued to churn out hits through albums like Folklore, Loose and Mi Plan as well as numerous singles. But a greatest hits compilation after just a decade in the music business seemed to be a risky proposition. "2010 was the best time for me to celebrate the 10 years of my career. I also wanted to come up with duets that my fans would like to have on one album. That's how I came up with this album," says Furtado.

The album features all of Furtado's biggest hits, plus three new hits. "It was important for it to have my biggest hits, including collaborations. During my early days, I used to play in concert or jazz bands. The artists I have worked with have opened career opportunities for me," she reveals, when asked about the criteria for song selection.

Furtado mentions that her fans' top choice was the single 'Try', saying, "That's the song that fans mentioned to me more than any other. It really helped me through difficult crises in my life. When I sing this song live, there's a lot of emotion in the audience. There's a lot of crying going on and I cry as well."
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