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The Indian Designer Saree Trends is a versatile garment that suits Indian women of all ages, shapes and sizes.Designer Saree Trends It is increasingly catching the interest of celebrities across the globe. This is evident from the demand for fashion designer saree by Hollywood actresses for red carpet occasions. Designer Saree Trends Moreover, there is an increasing demand for designer saris that are easy to drape among today’s generation.Designer Saree TrendsThey want to look traditional without the inconvenience of draping a sari.Designer Saree Trends Hence, there is pressure on designers to come up with innovative, yet traditional saris that look great with minimum fuss.

Here are some Designer Saree Trends that retain the basic unstitched essence of the garment. Designer Saree Trends play around with trendier fabrics like jersey and are increasingly taking inspiration from our roots for creating saris with traditional design and a modern twist.Designer Saree Trends Wendell Rodricks gives a playful twist to the sari by using jersey fabric. The jersey sari looks sexy and casual and you can wear it with a sari blouse as well as a casual top.

Designer Saree Trends You can team it with pencil skirts, as it comes with an in built choli. One half of the pallu forms a halter neck and the other half falls like a kimono sleeve on your shoulder. Designer Saree Trends Anamika Khanna has come up with the pyjama saree where you wear a pyjama instead of a petticoat under the sari. Designer Saree Trends This looks different and you can easily walk around as you would in pants, without the fear of tripping over your sari.
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