Sam Concepcion receives a hug from Taylor Swift

As a Taylor Swift fan, I would have to say that Sam Concepcion is the luckiest guy in the Philippines! Not only that Grammy winner Taylor Swift chose him personally to do the front act of her "Speak Now" concert in Araneta last Friday, but he also received a sweet big hug from the beautiful international singing sensation!

Yes, Taylor Swift gave Sam Concepcion a hug after thanking the latter for his performance.

Whew! Check out the picture below:

According to Carlo Orosa, Sam's manager, Taylor congratulated Sam for an awesome front act.

"Sam you were awesome, great... thank you!", Taylor reportedly said.

It left Sam all smiles.

"I totally did not expect for her to hug me, she seemed excited and so I got very excited too," Sam said.

Here's a Youtube video of Sam singing Katy Perry's "Fireworks" during the opening act of Taylor's show in Manila, recently:

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