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Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- Wake wakey my walnut cookies! What's up with you this Wednesday morning? Must say I'm pleased with my informers for the kinda gup they shup to me every morning, so I can share it all with you my dahlings. So rise forth, shine and read on...

For starters, it seems like the production team of Soundarya, the producer-daughter of superstar Rajnikanth, has shifted their office to Bhopal off late. Reason: They're working the schedule of their movie, Rana, in accordance with the dates of Deepika Padukone, who's shooting there for Aarakshan.

And if that's not enough, Rajnikanth too flew down there yesterday, to discuss the plan of action with his heroine. More so because he doesn't want her to be stressed out by long hours of travel, lest that take its toll on her, Sher Lock Holmes informs me.

Don't think this is it, as there is more. According to my supersleuth, the southside superstar, who's playing triple roles in the movie, is also keen on casting Rekha opposite the senior character he essays in it. Though it's not a very lengthy role, it's very important to the storyline.

And that's why he wants to get a fix on Padukone's dates and travel plans.

If this works out, then it would be the first time the lissome lass will get to share the screen with the wonderful Rekha. No wonder she was very thrilled when Rajnikanth told her about his casting coup plans. Now, I just hope Rekha agrees to act in Rana. It would be interesting to see her pair up with Rajni. Hai na?
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