Priyanka hangs out with Lady Gaga! - bollywood news gossips

It's a known fact that Priyanka Chopra is a huge Lady Gaga fan and when the 7 Khoon Maaf actress met up with pop sensation, her happiness knew no bounds. Priyanka and Gaga hung out after Gaga's Madison Square Garden concert.

Priyanka told, "I like her tracks, Poker Face, Bad Romance and Drag Queen, so it was great to see her perform."

The actress, who spent time with Gaga, also revealed that Gaga is keen on "doing something in India." "I think she is going on an Asia tour soon and that's really cool. I think it would be great for her to come down [to India]," Priyanka told the website.

Priyanka, who could not contain her happiness after meeting the controversial star, was mesmerised with Gaga's live performance. "I loved the way she connected with her fans, people really connected with her and her message 'be proud of who you are,' it's a great message."

The meeting was organised by the CEO of Desi Hits! Anjula Acharia-Bath. "Seriously, how often do you get two absolute power houses from East and the West to meet? It was incredible to see PC and GaGa hang out together and swap notes about global domination, music and of course the world's largest movie business, Bollywood," said Anjula.
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